Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Prevent Computer From Locking!

You have office latop/computer and there is policy to lock computer if it is ideal for certain amout of time and you cannot change the setting. And this is distrubing you lot if you are presenting something or watching movie then i have very very simple solution for you.

I was also irritated by this problem so written a script for that. Download and run this script. It will appear as icon in taskbar. DONE!! your computer will not lock automatically.

NOTE: This script is for those whose computer locks in more then 60 seconds. If you computer locks in less then 60 seconds then write me i will send you customise & send you script.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Format negative values of axis in graph of SSRS.

There will be case that you want to show positive and negative side of the graph but on the axis on the negative side you want to show positive number. (See the image)

To do this you need to just do very simple formatting setting on the axis.
And here you are done with the graph

Happy Coding!!
Ravikumar Vishwakarma

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Recover outlook mails deleted by Shift + Delete

Most of us have habit of pressing Shift-Del and unknowing it is pressed for some of our important mails level us in num state. Don’t worry here is solution.
Follow the steps (Wish you luck!!):
Prerequisite: You should have ADMIN rights on your machine.
1. Go to run pressing (Window + R)2. Type “regedit “ and press ENTER. Registry Editor will open.

5. Then right click and rename to DumpsterAlwaysOn (case sensitive).
6. Right click and selet “Modify” from the context menu.
7. And make the value to 1 and select Decimal.

8. Go to your Outlook
9. Go to “Tool” menu and select “Recover deleted items
And select the mail which you want to recover from the dialog box opened. Hurry Done!!!

Please Note: You can recover mails which are deleted in past 4 days.