Friday, 23 December 2011

Fix for Visual Studio 2010 crash with XAML files after installing Silverlight 4

Fix for Visual Studio 2010 crash with XAML files after installing Silverlight 4
After installing Silverlight 4 my XAML files never use to open. Visual Studio 2010 crashes saying Restart or Close.  After bit research on net I found the following solution.
1.       Uninstall existing System.Window.dll from GAC
2.       Go to path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\4.0.60831.0\
 (Version could be different)
3.       Take System.Windows.dllfrom path above and register in the GAC.
And hurry! The XAML file designers are opening without any crash.Addition TipsEven if you facing he problem please check the setting of default program to open the XAML file
1.       Open the Silverlight project in the Visual Studio
2.       Right click the XAML file and select “Open With..” from the menu.
3. Ensure the “Windows Presentation Foundation Designer “ is set as default.

Hope this will save lot of people’s day!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Trellis Chart/Graph in SQL Server 2008 (SSRS)

Trellis Chart/Graph in SQL Server 2008 (SSRS)

One of the main aims of reports is to enable comparison between two period, country, areas, sector etc. It is really ability to make the presentation to look nice and catch the attention of the business people. 

While making report or graph for comparison we often land up in situation where graph and reports looks mess. And only solution is to break down the graph into smaller pieces (Trellis Chat). You can find better explanation of trellis chart at link

To start preparing trellis report open SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, create new report project and add one blank report.

The scenario is I have to show sickness distribution across company’s grade per year per 

Columns which I have are
1.       Hours booked on sickness
2.       Gender(Male/Female)
3.       Grade
4.       Year
Let’s start the demo.
  1. On the report design mode configure the data connection.
  2. Create your dataset to return above 4 columns.(I have written in MDX it can be SQL)
  3. Drag and drop Martix from Tool Box (I will directly show you the Trellis graph, second table)  

  4. Then drop a chart in Data column

  1. After pasting the chart add summation of sickness hours
  2. Add series as gender.

  3. And now your report is ready
Happy Reporting!!  
Ravikumar Vishwakarma.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Computer Science, Information Technology Project Consulting

Hi, this is Ravi Kumar, have in Information Technology since 8 years and have developed many projects in Web and Windows platform for many clients worldwide.

I have faced many difficulties in my college days for completing my project on time and error free. This was due to lack of guidance. To avoid this terrible experience of going into unknown direction and landing nowhere, I have decided to do consulting for college projects. You can complete your project well on time and concentrate on studies of other subjects.

A wise person has said that 'Time is Money' and since I am giving you time will need some money!

1. Only consulting (Giving ideas and solving error) Rs. 10000/-
2. Full development of project Rs. 15000/-
3. Only error solving of ready project Rs. 5000/-

Areas in which I can give personal assistance are Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane. Personal assistance available only on Saturday & Sunday.

Contact Details:
Mobile: +91 9594197724

NOTE: No documentation will be done. But can help you in that.