Tuesday, 19 June 2012

SSAS, Property not accessible because 'Parent Columns and Child Columns don't have type-matching columns'

Hi friends, if you are on this page then I can imagine how much you are frustrated with this silly error and more frustrated because cannot find the cause. And even google cannot help you much.  

I am sharing my experience on this hope this will be helpful to somebody.

I got this error when i refreshed the Data Source View (DSV) in SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) project open in visual studio. I was really clueless what was it talking about, which realtion have been changed? Even the change report generated was no showing any problem. 

Stucked!! right? Even I was :) !! After spending couple of days I decided to review changed done in last week. After reviewing I got the hint of the problem.

I was having 'Employee' table with 'EmployeeID' column of type INTEGER (primary key), which was linked to their 4 tables as foreign key. And one of developer has changed the datatype of foreign keys to VARCHAR. 

This should have broken the relationship with other tables but it did not and error was all about that. In DSV I deleted all the faulty relationship manually and refreshed the DSV. Strange enough the report was showing the relationship as CHANGED and not DELETED and then resulting in same error.

I reloaded the project, since it was not allowing me to save. Deleted the relations again, but this time I did one extra step. I refreshed  the all the other 4 tables as well. 

Refreshing the DSV tables. 
1. My table was not a query, DSV was directly referring to table.

2. I replaced the tables with named query

3. Saved the DSV and the again bought it to normal and saved. 
4. Repeated this for all the related table.
5. The problem was solved.

I could have deleted the tables and re-added but that will delete all other relations as well and I have to manually do everything again.

I Hope VS could have handled this mess !! 

Happy Coding!!!
-Ravi Kumar V.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bing Tool-bar on Windows 7, 64-bit version

Hi Friendz,

Let me share one small experience first. I have window 7 64-bit with 64-bit IE installed on it. 

Just since there is Facebook chat feature on bing bar I added tool-bar and it was really nice. I was over joyed!! that I can chat without log-in into Facebook website. I chatted, closed the IE, after sometime reopened and to my surprise there was no BING tool-bar. I checked everything, everything was fine but there was no bing bar :( !!

Then after few trail I realised that I have 64-bit version of IE running. So just to check I browse to path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer" which is 32-bit version of IE. 

I clicked on "iexplore.exe" and hurry !!! the IE opened with BING bar.

Later I created short-cut for 32-bit IE. Till now I have not found any performance different 64-bit & 32-bit.

Happy BINGing !!!!